How to become a Real Estate Agent

While specific requirements often depend on the state you are in, as the licensing laws are often different per state, if you want to become a realtor- here’s what you need to do. Basic requirements are often the same, and you can generally count on them.

nevada real estate license

You must be 18 or 19 years old at the minimum, be a legal citizen of the US, finish the prelicense education, and pass an exam. 

All this does depend on the state, so earning a nevada real estate license is different than earning one in Ohio. So be sure to research all of the requirements when it comes to being licensed. Then, find a prelicensing course. These courses can be taught from classrooms, universities, from home, and online. They really work the best for you and ensure that your schedule works around it.

The prelicensing course gives you everything you need to know about being a realtor, and while it might be difficult, it will be a massive step in the right direction when it comes to having a grand career. Once the course is passed, then you can schedule your exam.

The exam can have many factors, again, depending on where you live and in what state you are taking it. Some states need paperwork, a background check, and all of them have some sort of fee. Ensuring that you take the exam as soon as you can is paramount. Not just because you have retained the knowledge, but because the longer you wait, the longer you are unable to start your journey.

Finally, you have to take and pass the real estate salesperson exam. You have to prepare, take practice exams, and treat the entire exam like it is a test. But once you pass, then you will complete the final paperwork and become a realtor.